EUR Service (BD) Ltd was founded in 2002, it’s corporate office in Dhaka and has a branch office at the port city in Chittagong with more than 130 skilled and professional personnel. EUR SERVICE is one of the largest, totally dedicated International Freight Forwarding company in Bangladesh, providing customers with the highest quality services at all times.

We are the quick solution provider, starting from a single contact conception to completion of a job. Our customers come from a wide spectrum. Each with only one basic requirement – RELIABILITY.

Group Strength

Financial capability and acceptability

Group earned the highest acceptability among the shipping lines, Airlines, Government agencies, Regulators, Bankers and other international and national stakeholders due to efficient & stringent financial management and off course absolute fulfilment of all  commitments since the inception

Corporate Structure

EUR run by a group of professional corporate management. Believing in the conducive work environment and steepest carrier growth.

Information Technology as a key advantage for the business

Group has attained state of art in technology. Confidentiality and exclusivity in business. ERP to manage organizational resources.