Project Cargo

In EUR, we assist customers to overcome the most demanding logistics challenges on shipping large scale heavy equipment across the country and/or abroad to any remote area with safety ensured and secured to anywhere in the world.

Our Project Cargo varieties Include:

Break Bulk-EUR is able to present efficient and cost-effective break bulk shipping method to ship large sized/weighted goods that need to be loaded onto a cargo ship or aircraft individually.

OOG Cargo – We are well equipped with the expertise to transport challenging cargo that doesn’t fit within a standard shipping container’s length, width or height.

Heavy Lift – Cost effective transport solutions for large items that can’t be broken down into smaller/lighter-weight segments using flatbed trucks, special volume cargo aircraft, or inland barges.

Flat Racks & Open Tops – Placement of cargo into the flat rack or open top containers can also be arranged with extra services such as shrink-wrap and additional protection.

Rigging – Assistance on the projects that require cranes or pulley systems to lift the cargo, and to safely raise and lower large items from one surface to another.